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    fields in Access (Access2000)

    I have to send a comma delimited file to another company. The information they want requires 312 fields in a row. Excel only holds 256 fields. They asked why I can't just merge the info in Access and have it all in one row. How many fields can you have in a row in Access? And if it is possible, can you do a comma-delimited file directly from Access?

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    Re: fields in Access (Access2000)

    That number of fields in a row seems excessive. I'm glad it's their headache and not mine! It isn't just the number of fields in a table but the overall length of a record that can bite you in Access. In any case, 255 is the maximum fields in a single record and the maximum number of fields in a query. That doesn't mean you can't work around the limitations, but it takes code to create and populate a text file directly instead of by exporting data in that format.

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