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    quickie tip - formatting a report for columns (Access 2000 Win 2000 SR-1)

    I've tried looking up info on Access Help for report columns and got a little bit somewhere (altho 'Columns' pulls a LOT of stuff unrelated to reports) and as yet haven't managed to trick Access to do my bidding (I always feel like I have to trick Access hee hee) -- anyway, just thought someone out there could shed a little light:

    1) I set page setup to specify 2 column format.
    2) place my control (a text box listing all the elements for a certain field) in either Details or Report header and it doesn't display the data in columns -- in fact, some data doesn't display, as expected after being warned.

    I tried working with Sorting and Grouping a bit and did make an adjustment to print to a new page for each new set of data for the primary grouping header but it would be nice to get the detail data to 2 columns so as not to waste paper. Of course, I could be a step or two away at this point but just thought I'd throw a 'query' out to the field for any quick-and-dirty comments on creating a multi-column report.

    For the record, what I want is:

    A report showing all the case numbers entered for a particular group based on the selected Yearly quarter and a sum of all the cases for each group. It is the listing of Case Numbers that I'd like showing in 2 columns.


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    Re: quickie tip - formatting a report for columns (Access 2000 Win 2000 SR

    If you look in the Northwind sample database that comes with Access, there are examples of multi-column reports in there, including the Products By Category report, which sounds ike what you're trying to do.

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