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    Incrementing up bookmarks in formula fields (VBA W


    I'm using some code to increment up formfield bookmarks when an additional row is added to a table. So if a 10th row is added the bookmark in the formfield would be renamed with a 10 following it. Each row has a calculation formula in one of the cells that calculates the bookmarked items. Does anyone know of a way to rename the bookmarks that are contained in the formula and increment them up like I'm doing with the formfield bookmarks? This is a protected form.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Incrementing up bookmarks in formula fields (VBA W

    Are you sure rows will only be added to the end of the table? Hmmm...

    Perhaps the best method, assuming no rows would ever be deleted, would be to use the table's row count:

    Dim intNewRowNum as Integer
    intNewRowNum = Selection.Tables(1).Rows.Count ' - 1 ' if table has a header row

    If the table has a heading row with no form fields, you could "uncomment" the - 1 in the second line above to adjust the count to the actual number of rows with form fields.

    As for how to use this, I don't remember exactly how you set the bookmark name for a form field after adding it, but it would be in the same part of your code where you set the other properties of the field and Intellisense probably will prompt you with the property name.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Incrementing up bookmarks in formula fields (VBA W

    Hi Sherry,

    The attached may give you something to work with. Among other things, it shows how to use relative row references in Word tables. You may be able to adapt the process to your needs.


    Paul Edstein
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