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    OLE with Excel Charts (Word 2000)

    Hi All,

    We have a problem here with Word freezing when a user tries to work with his document. The document in question has around 200 linked charts from an Excel spreadsheet. I suggested to the user that this is too many links, but he says that he has a different document with around 800 - 1000 links between Word & Excel, & that one's working fine. Does anyone know of a natural limit to the number of workable links? Or does it sound as though there may be some other corruption/problem with Document #1?

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    Re: OLE with Excel Charts (Word 2000)

    If the linked charts are saved in your Word document you may be approaching the maximum stated size limit of a Word document, at 32Mb (however I've had documents over 60Mb). Having said that, Word will become quite unstable long before reaching it's theoretical or actual size limit. This could be your problem.

    If this is the case, create a link to the charts but don't have them saved in the document. Fortunately, you are not using Word 97 which has a bug when doing this in that it does not save any resizing of linked objects that aren't saved in the document. I figured out a convoluted workaround for this bug but in Word 2000 and following it seems to be fixed anyway.

    Hope this helps!

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