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    Colour Coding (2000)

    Is there a simple way to colour code the Gannt chard bars accoring to assinged resources?

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    Re: Colour Coding (2000)

    Although it may be possible with programming, the simple answer is no (at least for me). Downfalls with this approach are how do you select a color if multiple resources are assigned to
    a task? Are you trying to assign one resource per task?

    You could try using the "stoplight" field to assign colors to a user defined field based on parameters that you set.

    If you can write code, you could create a macro and have the code look at each task and set the color of the gantt (I cant remember if the gantt color is part of a
    collection) based on the resource or resources assigned to the task.

    There was an older post that dealt with changing colors based on parameters using some VB code. I am not sure if it is available at this time.

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