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    Treeview control (xp)

    does anyone have any experience of using this control?

    I am trying to build an interface that illustrates a telephone exchange (dial 1 for accounts, dial 2 for personnel, then sub menus dial 1 for the accounts manager, dial 2 for the purchase order team ....) but cannot get my head around the logic to control the nodes beyond the second level (ie top level nodes and their children). I have a simple table layout of four columns - ID, Description, Notes, ParentID.

    how can i check to see if a child has a child?

    in the data below i want to illustrate that the technicians are subordinate to the engineers who are subordinate to the ICT group
    purchasing and admin are subordinate to Accounts but i can represent that already.
    ID Description Notes parentid
    1 Accounts abcd -
    2 HR abcd -
    3 Marketing abcd -
    4 Sales abcd 3
    5 ICT abcd -
    6 Engineers abcd 5
    7 Software abcd 5
    8 Admin abcd 1
    9 Purchasing abcd 1
    10 Technicians abcd 6

    i am using this code and can see why i only get two levels. what o dont understand is where and how to test if there is a third/forth/fifth layer to go to?
    Sub List()
    Dim objDB As Database
    Dim objRS As Recordset ' holds node information
    Dim objRS2 As Recordset ' holds child information
    Dim strSQL As String
    Dim strChildSQL As String
    Dim objTVW As Node
    Dim intParentID As Integer

    strSQL = "select * from AD"
    strsql2 = "Select * from AD where ParentID = "

    Set objDB = CurrentDb
    Set objRS = objDB.OpenRecordset(strSQL)

    Form_frmTVW.TreeView0.LineStyle = tvwRootLines

    While Not objRS.EOF
    Set objTVW = Form_frmTVW.TreeView0.Nodes.Add(, , , objRS.Fields("ID"))
    intParentID = objRS.Fields("ID")
    Set objRS2 = objDB.OpenRecordset(strsql2 & intParentID)
    While Not objRS2.EOF
    Form_frmTVW.TreeView0.Nodes.Add objTVW, 4, , objRS2.Fields("ID")

    Set objTVW = Nothing
    Set objRS = Nothing
    Set objDB = Nothing

    End Sub

    hope someone can help (or even follow my poor explanation!)

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    Re: Treeview control (xp)

    Sorry to be so late in responding - we've been traveling for the last two weeks. A vacation and that sort of thing.

    As you've discovered, treeview controls are not for the faint of heart! That said, they can be a pretty powerful tool in the right circumstances. I presume you are using the Microsoft version of the control - if not let us know.

    There are a couple of Microsoft KB articles that should be a value. Check out <!mskb=209891>Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 209891<!/mskb> and <!mskb=209927>Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 209927<!/mskb> - they both have info on how to populate multiple level nodes, and you might also find <!mskb=207849>Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 207849<!/mskb> helpful in understanding how Nodes are added - see the References section for some Help pointers. I also believe that a sample databbase with example code came on the developer edition of Access 2000 and 97. Unfortunately I am not on a PC that has either of those installed.

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    Re: Treeview control (xp)

    I don't know if you still need this. You can use a recursive procedure to add unlimited levels. See the attached text file. The first procedure adds the first level (records with empty ParentID); for each node it calls the second procedure. The second procedure adds the children of the parent node passed to it, and calls itself for each child node.
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