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    Have an Compact Armarda Pentium III laptop, 64 MB RAM, 10-12GB HD. For some reason the icons on the taskbar/Quick launch bar change even when the laptop is idle (i.e. no applications running other than the virus protector).

    The icons change but when you click them they still direct you to the correct program. The changed icon is sometimes an irrelevant icon not connected at all to the program.

    McAfee is running in the background. A reboot is the only way to reset the to its original state.

    Is this a memory problem?

    Any ideas? Thanks for your time. Jacqui

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    Re: Taskbar

    You may have a corrupted ShellIconCache. Delete the directory (should be in C:Windows), and then restart your system. The cache should be automatically rebuilt.

    Your icon cache size may also be too small. This can be fixed by editing the value for registry key "HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplore rMax Cached Icons". A value of 500 is normally Ok.

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