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    NAV popping up alerts in Outlook (2000/SP3)

    I just upgraded to Office SP3, and applied the 12/18/02 Outlook upgrade. Shortly afterward, the behavior of Norton Antivirus (version 8.07) changed. I have NAV set to silently quarantine infected emails (I'm getting up to 100 SoBig messages a day). After the Office/Outlook upgrade, NAV started popping up an alert for some (but I don't think all) infected messages. Also, in some cases NAV reports that the infected file was in my Temp folder (not even Outlook's OLK temp folder) rather than attached to an email message (it reports file names like Documents and Settings/[user]/Local Settings/Temp/NAV85.tmp rather than movie0045.pif). Finally, Outlook is creating messages in my inbox saying "Norton AntiVirus deleted the following email message..." The From, To, and Subject info on these alerts is usually blank.

    I've searched Norton's knowledge base and the web for this problem, but haven't found anything. Can I turn off these pop-up alerts, and stop the inbox messages from being created?

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    Re: NAV popping up alerts in Outlook (2000/SP3)

    There must be a configuration option in Norton. You refer to "silent quarantine"; seems that would be the area to suppress these notices. But I don't use the product, so I can't be certain about that.

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