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    Print History ((97/2000))

    Does Word 97 or 2000 record the print history of a document? In other words, does Word record the times and dates a document has been printed automatically?

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    Re: Print History ((97/2000))

    As far as I know, it only stores the most recent. Neither the interface nor the object model you can access with VBA refer to any other print dates.

    If you open a document using the "Recover Text from Any File (*.*)" filter as the File Type in the File>Open... dialog, you can see a variety of historical data that Word does store, but the dates do not appear to be preserved this way. (If you try this, please remember to change it back the next time, or all your documents will look amess.) Unless you license the proprietary file structure from Microsoft, your ability to see into the dark, mysterious parts is pretty limited.

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