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    Linking Cells Between 2 Workbooks (Excel 2000)


    A co-worked has a workbook that has cells which are linked to another workbook in another folder on her computer. On a weekly basis, the link references on worksheet "A" (in workbook "A") are updated to refer back to different cells on worksheet "B" (in workbook "B").

    While I worked at her desk, these updates would be seamless. I would just change click on the cell and change the reference number at the end of the very long link formula.

    I continued to work on these workbooks once I was back at my desk, as I could access her computer via our company's network. However, when I would change the cell reference of each cell, Excel would prompt me for the location of Workbook "B" so that it could complete the reference update. I assumed this was because I was doing the entire thing over the network, using my access to her shared folders.

    The problem now is, my co-worker is back from vacation, and now she has to "find" Workbook "B" everytime she changes a cell reference (and there are about 20 of them), even though it all resides on her computer. This is time consuming, to say the least.

    How would I get Excel to "know" the location of Workbook "B" on a permanent basis, so that she can just change the cell reference number rather than having to navigate to Workbook "B" each time?

    Thanks for any insight!


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    Re: Linking Cells Between 2 Workbooks (Excel 2000)

    I would guess that the problem is that when you access them from Her computer, you are accessing LOCAL files. When you are accessing HER computer from YOUR computer, then are NOT local files, but networked files from your computer.

    You could put these files on a network and then if you accessed from her computer or from your computer they would be the same.

    Or if you are going to access them on your computer, copy them (all) from hers to yours edit them and then copy them back. Since you would then always be pointing to "local files" there should not be problem.

    The bigger problem, I see is why are you changing file names every week. There has to be a better way to change and update the file or info, so you don't even create this problem.

    Could you detail it a litte more and try to solve the "root-cause" of the problem: changing references every week?
    Why not ALWAYS refer to the same cells in the workbook([img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] and have the workbook([img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] change what values are there based on the week?


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    Re: Linking Cells Between 2 Workbooks (Excel 2000)

    This is because the paths to the directory where the workbook lives is different on your computer than on hers. For starters, you probably reference a network drive and the file in on a local drive on her system. All of the links will need to be redone on her machine.

    Why are you changing the links every week? There is probably a better way to do the links so that they don't have to be updated.
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