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    Sorting 'emails' in Sent folder (2000)

    I keep copies of my emails in my Sent folder, and I notice that the people I've sent them to sometimes have 'quote marks' around the name/email address, and sometimes don't. Also, sometimes they are listed under the name, at other times it's just the email address. Why is this?

    I've hunted in Help, and perhaps it's documented. But if so, then I clearly haven't found the right way of framing my question!

    Here's why I want to do it: I like to keep my old sent mails, and browse through the emails I've sent a person, in date order. However, after sorting by date, and then by person, the mails to the person without 'quotes' won't be listed togther with those where the person's name *is* in quotes. (Hope I've made myself clear!)

    Many thanks for any guidance.

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    Re: Sorting 'emails' in Sent folder (2000)

    I have wondered about that. Without any research or actual knowledge <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15>, I guesstimate that:

    1. No quotes if it matches a display name and e-address in your address book
    2. Quotes if you replied to a display name which was not in your address book
    3. "Naked" e-address (no display name) if you sent it that way or replied to a naked e-address

    You will probably have to search by last name, since it's the most common element in both an e-address and display name, and then it's not going to find Fred Smith if his e-address is (Any resemblance to living or dead persons is entirely coincidental.)
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