I'm reposting this -- I didn't get any replies the first time:

I'm getting the following error when composing a message (new or in reply) in OL2000: "The item could not be saved because it has been changed by another user or in another window. Do you want to make a copy in the default folder for the item?" It happens repeatedly.

I think the problem originally started after I did a Detect and Repair operation on Outlook. I've run Detect and Repair several times since then, and recently upgraded to SP-3 but the problem persists.

I think the problem starts when I toggle between Outlook and another app (usually cutting and pasting between IE and Outlook). It seems like my draft message (which gets saved in my inbox, not in Drafts) gets locked. I don't see anything in the MS Knowledge Base about this. BTW, Outlook is set up for Internet-only mail.

Thanks for any help.