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Thread: "File As" names

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    "File As" names


    I imported a large file of contact names from Excel the other day, all of which are now filed as "Last, First." Is there a way to mass update these names to "Company (Last, First)" without doing each one individually? I like mouse clicking as much as the next guy, but that would grow tedious after, say, the 4th name.

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    Re: "File As" names

    What version of Outlook? Outlook 2000?

    Check out this <A target="_blank" HREF=>Knowledge Base article</A>

    Probably not the answer you want to hear, though.

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    Re: "File As" names

    Yes, it's Outlook 2000. And thanks for the Knowledge Base article. Rather than mouse-click my way to oblivion, I'll work through the steps to make a new view, which is just as helpful to me, I think.

    Thanks again.

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