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    Smart Tags (Word 2002 SR 2)

    I want to turn off smart tags so I did the following (see attachment). But when I rechecked my settings and went to tooloptionssave tabembed smart tags is this checked. How do I turn this option off.
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    Re: Smart Tags (Word 2002 SR 2)

    Without checking, I don't know whether this particular setting is saved in or in the Registry.

    If it is saved in, it usually will be saved when you exit Word normally. By normally I mean Word does not crash and you do not shut it down by killing it in the Task Manager. Do you have Word set to ask you whether you want to save changes to the Normal template? If so, you would need to say yes. If not, it should save automatically.

    If the setting is saved in the Registry, the ease of changing it manually would depend on whether it has its own separately saved setting (relatively easy to change) or is part of the inscrutable Data key (basically impossible to edit). But I think I'll await other Loungers' comments (or whether you have luck with before digging in there.

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