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    Creating Charts (2000)

    I' m trying to create a chart in a report. The report is grouped by machine type and has a subreport. My desired result is to chart the total number Job Titles that worked a particular machine (ex. Electrician=4, Mechanics=8, etc.). The main report is based off a query that is called by an unbound form. The user picks the machine from a drop down list and the report produces the data based on the machine chosen.

    The problem is I can't get the chart to match all the other machines. I created a separate query using the Crosstab feature that gives me the data I want, (Total # of workers per Job Title per machine). So I chart that data but it only works for the first machine, the data does not update when I choose different machines. So I'm assuming I'm not linking the chart to the form selection but I'm not sure how to do this. Or that I'm not doing this correctly at all.


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    Re: Creating Charts (2000)

    I think in this case you may want to use a GroupBy query rather than a crosstab. In that fashion you can put the criteria you want for the machine and it will only return the data for that specific machine. Doing it that way may not require that you use a subreport for the chart, and you should avoid some of the linkage problems you are encountering.

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