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    No Pictures in Email (Outlook 2000 & OE6) (2000)

    Outlook 2000 (mine) and Outlook Express 6 (my wife's) cohabit my Windows 98 computer. When HTML email arrives, neither one displays the pictures. All we get is the red X in the picture area. I connect via dialup, it was working fine until yesterday, and I have not made any changes (to the best of my knowledge). What setting is getting messed up? How do I correct it?

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    Re: No Pictures in Email (Outlook 2000 & OE6) (2000)

    Have you visited Windows Update lately or signed on to automatic updates or otherwise installed any patches? Even thinigs that seem unrelated?

    Here's an experiment: Take a message you trust (not spam!) and Save As HTML to a convenient location like the desktop, and then open that in Internet Explorer. Do you get the pictures then? If not, perhaps you have a firewall blocking images, or you have set IE not to show pictures (Tools>Internet options>Advanced>Multimedia>Show pictures). If you get the images in IE but not Outlook, it could be due to the fact that HTML documents on your computer are totally trusted, whereas HTML format mail messages are usually untrusted. Thus, there may be aspects of the way the page/message is designed that run afoul of the security settings that apply to mail.

    Anyway, please post again with any further developments, hints or insights.

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