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    need editable hyperlinks in PCentral timesheet (MSP2K and MSPCentral , bot


    We are trying to use PCentral as one-point access to all
    project/process info.

    To do this we have inserted the relevant links to
    templates against each task and included this in the
    workgroup messages , so that the team member , on
    receiving the assignment knows what and where to start

    The problem however is that when the template links are
    added in a text field , the timesheet renders them as
    text and not links(un-clickable). and when we use the
    hyperlink field , then the links appear clickable , but
    bow they are not editable ! we want the links to be
    editable , so that a team member after filling the
    template can change the link and then send the update.

    Can anyone suggest how to achienve this ?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: need editable hyperlinks in PCentral timesheet (MSP2K and MSPCentral ,

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by WendellB on 07-Oct-03 06:00. A light bulb turned on - PCentral probably means Project Central.)</P>I don't seem to be able to find any significant information about PCentral - is it a MIcrosoft product, or are you referring to Project Server or Project Central?

    Assuming it's Project Central, I don't believe you have any real ability to change the user module, so that leaves you with the option of creating your own front-end to edit the info in the database. That of course is dependant on which database was chosen as the back-end for your data storage. If it was MSDE or SQL Server, you could create an Access ADP or MDB front-end to work with the data, but you will need to understand the schema that Microsoft has created.

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