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    Install with Virtual Drive 7 (SR-2)

    I installed after a build of Virtual Drive 7 Farstone, who I high recommend. I did this because Bookshelf would not need a CD Rom to be put into the CD Rom. I have it virtually. All my stuff works including office. My question is after my first attempt failing when I installed the service pack right after the first install it lagged. When I did a second install it worked. Everything is inorder. The program shows that it is now SR-2. SR-2 is the service pack. Is this a registrey quirk or do I have SR-2 installed even if I reinstalled the original. Does office 97 revert to the original or does the update remain?

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    Re: Install with Virtual Drive 7 (SR-2)

    One of the reasons the Windows Installer was supposed to be a big improvement over earlier install programs was its ability to merge stored chages with a refreshed installation. So... it is very possible that when you re-installed the CD the installer found the service release updates stashed away in hidden folders on your hard drive and applied them automatically. Certainly not guaranteed, but it is supposed to work that way. <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>

    One way to confirm the *actual* version of a program is to locate the executable (usually under crogram filesMicrosoft office or something like that), right-click it, and look for version information in the Properties dialog. I actually can't tell you the latest and greatest build number for Office 97, but if you post yours, perhaps someone can confirm. Also, I think there is an SP-3 available.

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