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    Memory usage

    Okay, is something going on or what. I've been using Linux the last few years, but just got tired of the lack of applications and consistency in programs so I have gone back to Windows with a fresh install of ME and I have 160M Ram and when I boot up my Gateway, it takes only a program or two and my system resources drops down to 10 percent or lower. Even after closing programs, the resources stay pretty low. Could there be something in my system that's causing some kind of memory leak. I have Macfee Active shield running, use MS office 2000, palm hotsync is running and for my music I have been using RealJukebox, since Windows media player seemed to really hit the resources more and playing an audio CD gave lousy playback. Any clues. I do have Office 2000 SR2 installed. My C drive is pretty full but I have a lot of room on my D drive, over 5 gig, so I set up virtual memory to tap that harddrive up to 2 gig, but that doesn't seem to make a difference in resources usage. Any ideas or assistance would be appreciated. Okay, I checked the Win98 forum and saw the postings on resources there and understand that it isn't a issue of ram, or at least thats the gist of the post from what I read. So here are the items running in my task list

    Preview Internet Explorer
    OL Fax MOD 56 Plug & Play Modem
    Calendar MS Outlook
    Real Jukebox
    MS Office shorcut bar

    Any resources hogs in there that I need to consider not using? The best way to keep them running from startup. Again, thanks in advance for any help.
    Thanks. Rob Kuefner

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    Re: Memory usage

    My experience with ME is that it is a hog, no matter what. It seems to suck away most of your resources with few to no apps running.

    That aside, try ditching the following:

    Office Shortcut bar
    Upagt (diable this in the control panel)
    Real's tray icon is also somewhat of a hog, and it will run fine without it there. it takes just a little longer to start without it.

    Also go into MSCONFIG and remove anything that is starting as a machine service that you don't absolutely need.

    The IE preview may be a large part of your problem; if you can install a prodcution release of IE.

    In the SYSTEM.INI you can also add the following lines under VCACHE:


    This will allow Windows to run your apps directly from the virtual cache instead of duplicating them into system RAM. You can tweak that value to 8192/16384 (min/max) if you want to experiment a little.

    Your best bet, though, is probably to locate Win98SE and install it clean, if you can. Windows ME has not gotten favorable reviews from most sources. Some people run it fine without grief but I have yet to see a decent ME install.

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    Re: Memory usage

    Thanks for the suggestions. I already took off the Office Shortcut bar and will try some of the other things you suggested to see if that makes any difference. Before I was running Linux, I was running Win 98, I didn't realize that ME was considered such a memory hog, just assumed that the newer OS would have taken care of some of the problems I had when running windows prior to my linux experiment. I did notice that WordPerfect, which was my Office app of choice since 5.1 days really hit the resources hard but Office seems to hit the resources a lot less and so that's why with the return to windows, I deceided to finally make the transition to office. It's taken adjusment, but I'm relatively happy with the change, having WOPR sure helps in that regard. One note, the IE preview isn't a preview copy of IE, it was the title of the page I was on I believe, I am running the latest IE5.5, os that I don't think that is an issue, I checked the tasks running again and the preview doesn't appear at all. I'll let you know what happens after making some of the changes you suggest. Thanks again!

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