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    Book Fold help (2002)

    I have a client that would like us to dynamically generate a word document. They want this 20 page or more document to be arranged so that it will print out in a book format.

    I don't see anywhere in Word where I can rearrange the pages into "printers pairs". The Book Fold feature gets me closer to my goal but somehow I have to rearrange the pages so they are paired p like 10,11 : 9,12 : 8,13 : 7,14 ... so when the document is printed the client will be able to fold it and have it layed out like a book.

    I'm willing to write a custom application that will do this but ultimately I only have access to the same objects in code that I have access to in the Word UI.

    Anyone have any suggestions as to how I can accomplish my task?

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    Re: Book Fold help (2002)

    Please see <!rule=14>Rule 14<!/rule> and my reply on the .NET board, <post#=294044>post 294044</post#>.

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