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    Drop-down lists of email addresses (XP)

    When entering an email address into the "to" field of an email I make heavy use of the dropdown list that appears after a few characters are typed, as I find this method minimises the typing. However, due to recent emails that I sent to some similar email addresses (i.e they started with the same first three characters), I now have the situation where the drop-dwon list that appears contains addresses that I'm no longer interested in.
    The unwanted addresses don't appear in any address book or my contacts, and appear to be based just on "history".
    How can I tidy up this drop-down list and remove the unwanted old addresses?

    thx in advance for reponses.

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    Re: Drop-down lists of email addresses (XP)

    Down-arrow to highlight the unwanted address, then hit delete.

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