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    Find record (Acc 2000)

    1. I tried to use a Find Record button to search for a specific field, e.g. LastName, FirstName etc. I have a form (frmHouseHold) and a subform (sfrmApplicants) and I placed the Find Record button in the main form., searching a field in the main form works fine, but not for the subform. I even tried creating a separate find record button inside the subform, but wasn

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    Re: Find record (Acc 2000)

    1. You have to shift the focus to the subform before you can do a search in it. However, if your subform is properly linked to the parent form, you'll only be able to search within a very limited recordset in the subform.

    2. Add a WhereCondition string to your DoCmd.OpenReport and it will automatically filter the report down the the record you want. The WhereCondition should be just like the WHERE clause in a query but without the word "WHERE"

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