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    Toshiba vs Dell LT

    The HD on a Tosiba P4 Satellite Pro laptop started making some noises which signaled impending doom. Our local Toshiba repair shop replaced the HD and transferred all of the data at no charge. They told me they would be transferring the data, if possible, as part of the normal service (could be a silent recall, don't know). I've had trouble with the displays on the last 2 Dell LTs we've bought. The 14" Latitude display was optimized for 1600 x 1200 and wouldn't display clearly at 1024 x 768. After months of wrangling and some help from a large company we're affiliated with we were able to return it minus shipping charges. The Inspiron came with a 15" display that isn't clear at all. The was for my bosses daughter and he was sold on the Dell name so I couldn't convince him to go with Toshiba. I do want to say that I'm extremely happy with the Optiplex desktops but hope I'm done with the Dell LTs for awhile. Just wanted to pass this on, interested in others experience to help for the next time any of us have to shop for LTs. Greg

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    Re: Toshiba vs Dell LT

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by jscher2000 on 15-Sep-03 18:15. Changed picture)</P>The choice of native resolution on Dell laptops is typically is made on the very first screen, but often it can be changed when specifying a different CPU. I ALWAYS choose XGA (1024x768) for normal display sizes. I suppose if I got a 17" display the next size up might be acceptable, but the UXGA (1600x1200) just seems crazy unless you have a really huge display. I suppose they offer it for competitive reasons.

    See my old thread Flat panel pixels-per-inch. Here's Dell's current chart of laptop LCD details. Not all screens are available on all products, which is annoying, but must make it cheaper to run the factory.
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