I am not sure that I can express technically accurately the question I want to ask.

We run an exchange server and a GAL linked with our personnel records so that there is a 1:1 relationship between valid people and email accounts. Some people have two or more incoming personas which I believe is achieved by aliasing additional domain names to the "primary" domain name. They therefore receive all incoming post which ever persona it is addressed to.

Creating and sending or replying to emails however all use the primary domain name.

Is it possible to set things up so that OUTGOING emails can appear to come from the persona of choice rather than all from the primary domain?

We realise that we could set up formal entries in the GAL for the multiple persona, and hesitate to do this and break our 1:1 relationships. If we were to do it however, could a multi-persona user sign on once as one of the personas, be given permission (by himself as the other persona) to retrieve messages for the other persona and send messages as a nominated persona?

Thanks for any help

Mike C