I have been trying to export queries like crazy to .asp files with no luck I did it succesfully on my test machine at home, (Windows 2000 Adv Serv. Office 2000) and it seemed to export the queries and read them just fine, but I try it on the real machine at the office which is also Windows 2000 Adv Serv. Office 2000, and I have no luck , I am using the SystemDSN route to access the database, another downside is there can not be any users logged in to the database when the asp page tries to read it, I GUESS WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY IS "DOES ANYONE WHERE I CAN FIND A REAL GOOD TUTORIAL THAT DESCRIBES EXACTLY HOW TO PUT YOUR ACCESS DB ON THE INTERNET NOT INTRANET, (WHICH I FOUND OUT AFTER LOTS OF DAP'S THAT IS FOR INTRANET'S ONLY) AND LET YOU VIEW QUIERIES AS WELL DO SOME ORDER ENTRY, ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED, THANKS.

jose r. guia jr.
Strand Systems Engineering
Janitorial Services