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    Convert Access 97 MDBs to Access 2000 in Code (2000 SP 3)

    I have a variety of users' MDB files that are Access 97 and backed up in a ziped file on a floppy. Our current Restore tool unzips these files and copies them into the appropriate folder. The mdb files contain nothing but tables and the tables are linked to the front end. We're updating the front end to Access 2000 and need a way to convert the users' legacy MDB files to Access 2000. I've seen one piece of code that uses SendKeys with the acCmdConvertDatabase RunCommand constant, but it requires user interaction for each MDB to be converted. I need something that's more transparent than this. Does anyone have any thoughts? Keep in mind that this is something that needs to be initiated from a menu selection in the new front end, probably as a part of the Restore menu selection.

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    Re: Convert Access 97 MDBs to Access 2000 in Code (2000 SP 3)

    You might consider opening the old database, enumerating the tabledefs collection, and then importing all the tables into a new 2000 database which you also create from the front-end, using the TransferDatabase command. It involves a fair bit of coding, but our experience indicates that importing tables into an empty database is more reliable than doing a conversion.

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