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    ACCESS 97 Security Link to NT Logon ?

    We would like to be able to get the ACCESS LOGON box when a Secure Database is started to automatically fill the USER NAME part of the ACCESS LOGON screen with the USER NAME of the person currently logged onto NT4 on that workstation.
    Is this possible and if so HOW.

    I would guess it might be possible by running a VB Script that starts ACCESS up. I don't know.

    Suggestions gratefully accepted.


    Replies if possible to

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    Re: ACCESS 97 Security Link to NT Logon ?

    You are going to have to start Access via a stub application.
    I don't know whether a script will provide enough functionality for obtaining things such as the path to Access. I use a stub coded in C++ for this purpose but I also handle user validation before starting Access. (Mine also checks if the DB is running and activates that instance as my user wanted it to just run once and not a s multiple copies on a PC).

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