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    vlookup links

    I created a destination spreadsheet with links to a source workbook through the vlookup formula. I've found however that if changes have been made in the source file and the destination file is then updated, you can't selectively choose which places are updated and which are not. Unless someone has a solution as to how to only update certain worksheets in the destination workbook, I would like to "break" the links. I've tried replacing the formulas with hard data but the file still retains the links and asks if I want them updated when I open it.

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    Re: vlookup links

    If you are using Excel 97 there is a download you can get from Microsoft called the Delete Links Wizard. It deletes six different kinds of links. I used it on a spreadsheet that at one time had charts linked to data in various locations. Even after the charts were deleted, the links remained. The Delete Links Wizard found many hidden links and took care of the problem.

    Here is the Knowledge Base Article number: Q188449
    You can also find it at the Download Center:

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    Re: vlookup links

    Thanks. I found another thread that referred to the Delete Links Wizard after my initial post and decided to try it even though I'm running Excel 2000. So far, it seems to have worked. Thanks again.

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