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    Outlook Rules & Exchange

    I am running Outlook 2000 through an Exchange 5.5 server. My boss is an email junkie and wants a rule for every person/group he commonly receives mail from.

    Our office rule is that all data is kept on the server. This includes Outlook Rules. The boss is now getting a message stating that he has used his limit of rules.

    Is there a setting somewhere that will allow me to increase the number of rules he can have?

    Any feedback would be appreciated!

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    Re: Outlook Rules & Exchange

    sorry, no. exchange has a limit of 32kb of rules.

    you could use <A target="_blank" HREF=>exlife</A> for him

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    Re: Outlook Rules & Exchange

    You can't modify the Exchange Server 32KB-per-folder limit on rules.

    He may have to knock off a few. A good thing to be aware of is the more recipients involved in a rule, the more space that rule will take up (a recipient address in a forward or reply action can take up about half the total size of a single rule). If he has rules set up to forward to multiple recipients, set up distribution lists on the Exchange Server to use. This will knock the recipients down to one (Personal Address Book DLs are expanded by the client, so they will still count against the size for each member of that DL).

    Check out <A target="_blank" HREF=></A> for a good primer about rule sizing.

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