A user prints a daily calendar tri-fold style. On the left panel they put the daily calendar, in the center a blank notes section, and on the right panel the weekly calendar.

The problem is this, we cannot get the daily calendar (on the left panel) to print specific times. It ALWAYS prints from 7am until 7pm. We have the default "work hours" as 9 to 5, but this does not affect the hours printed in the tri-folds day sheet.

The user claims she used to be able to go into Page Setup from the Print dialogue box and set the hours with the Daily Sheet style selected. Then, once she had selected the hours to print, she would select tri-Fold and click Print. Now, when she does that she gets 7am to 7pm.

Please let me know if this is possible or not...Ideas...etc. If the whole thing isn't clear...let me know and I'll answer any questions. Thanks...