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    .NET framework causes login required (XP Home)

    Not sure if this is a question for this forum or .NET, so I'm going to post in both places.
    I recently installed a 3rd party application that required the .NET framework to be installed. I downloaded from Microsoft and installed it, along with the application. Now whenever I start XP I get the user login screen, with my user name, since I'm the only user. In the User Profiles I now find that as well as me, as administrator, and a currently un-enabled Guest profile, there's also a profile for ASP.NET. It's a password protected profile so I don't know if I can alter it, but I'd really rather that XP started cleanly without the user sign-on screen.

    Any Ideas?

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    Re: .NET framework causes login required (XP Home)


    This comes up from time to time. You can delete that user account with no consequences. I wish I knew why the increasingly necessary .net framework for applications as developers deploy it caused that login screen to show up, but I don't.

    See this thread including other links to threads with this problem in the Lounge


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