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    Pivot Tables (Excel 2000)

    In this excel file under the i have two columns

    Industry SIC code and Total

    By using the pivotable feature i want to be able to seperate it out by 1000's ( SIC code) with the average next to it

    so it would say

    1000 avg of the 1000's
    2000 avg of the 2000's

    all the way down to 9000

    i am not sure how to do with with the pivotable? help?!?

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    Re: Pivot Tables (Excel 2000)

    Easiset way is to go the original dataset and add a column that calculates based on the SIC value (If SIC is in column starting in C2:
    and copy it down the column
    (You can copy/ paste special - values to get rid of the formulas if desired)
    This will give you the thousands. Then uses this field in the pivot table.


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