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    Windows XP Updates (Windows xp)

    <img src=/S/innocent.gif border=0 alt=innocent width=20 height=20> When I looked in the control panel under ADD & REMOVE PROGRAMs Most of the updates from Windows does not have a MB size listed does that mean is was not properly installed? Thank you for your reply.

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    Re: Windows XP Updates (Windows xp)


    No, it does not mean that is wasn't properly installed. In some cases you will find that the reported size is missing for any installed program. There are also cases where reported size is not correct, ex. a installed program might have a reported size of 2 MB, when in fact the installation is maybe 20-30 MB.

    New users to Windows XP may want to use the "add/remove" to check if a program is installed and thats OK, but it's not always the best way. Just look at "add/remove" as an easy tool to uninstall software. Microsofts KB on the subject for the specific update shows how to verify an install by looking in the registry. There are also programs that can help to tell which software and updates are installed.


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