Are there any MAPI experts out there? I am trying to configure Windows 2000 so that Lotus Notes is my default mail program so that when I click an email address it starts Notes. At this point, I get an error message that the default mail client is not properly installed. This used to work, but I just had my hard drive reimaged, and I'm trying to re-set it up, but it's not working. As part of this process, I'm trying to set up Outlook so that it will send/receive Notes email. Again, this used to work until I reimaged my hard drive (although it wasn't stable, and would crash a lot). I've reviewed help on the IBM web site that advises me to add certain lines to the MAPISVC.INF file in program filescommon filessystemmapi1033nt, which I've done. When I go to Control Panel, Mail, Lotus Notes is then a service I can add. This works OK. However, when I try to add Lotus Notes Message Store to the "deliver new mail to" input box on the Delivery tab of Control Panel, Mail, I get an error that MAPI could not load the NWNSP.DLL file, an unexpected error occurred, check to be sure it's installed and configured (the actual file name is nwnsp32.dll, but I read elsewhere that Windows understands the missing 32). Anyway, I think that if I can get nwnsp32.dll to load properly, then I'll be able to click an email address and have Notes run as well as checking Notes email in Outlook. I've spent days on this, configuring and reconfiguring the .INF file, and nothing works. I'm at a loss as to what to do to get nwnsp32.dll to load properly. I have no idea why it's not loading properly. Anybody have any ideas? I might even need to get some Notes expert to come over here to check it out, so if anybody knows someone around Charlotte, NC, please let me know.


-Rich Belthoff