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    Control File|New dialog (2000/SR1)

    Attached is a screen shot of Excel'sFile|New on my PC and you will notice a tab labeled "2003 1065e..." with various templates in it. This tab represents custom templates we have created related to a particular product line we created and we have other product lines whose name would be very long such as for example "2003 InterActiveProductNameLibrary". Such a folder would produce a tab where you could not see the entire name as in the screen shot.

    What we want to know is if we can, via a COM addin or regular addin, custom control how the File|New dialog appears as well as add additional functionality to it. For example add a mouse over the tabs to show the full name, etc.


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    Re: Control File|New dialog (2000/SR1)

    You could create your own routine via VB with a userform created how you want it to look (including tabs and other items)
    Then, Replace the NEW toolbar button with a routine that calls your custom routine.
    The custom routine would pull up the desired template


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