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    icons (6)

    How can I use different icons for URLs (in the Favorites Bar) other than the 3 that are available when I do right-click/ options on the existing icons? I notice some sites will put their own there -- but only a few sites do this. I'd like to access a library of icons. Thx!

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    Re: icons (6)


    There are 3 major avenues toward getting icons: I may not find all the threads we've had but I'll find some-- The ways are 1) favicons 2) Native icons within Windows OS's--there are 100's you can mine 3) The icon extractors--many of them.

    How to Troll the Web and Collect Favicons

    1) It's essential that you pronounce them with a short "A" as in the British TV Hit Absolutely Fabulous or Ab Fab if you expect a large collection.
    2) Take any website--and add to the url "favicon.ico".
    3) Left mouse drag the favicon, usually but not always often a black square, in an all white web page to the desktop. Some favicons will not drag, with a circle showing with a slash through but this does not mean you can't get it. Often, but not always, you can pull the "e" from the name bar in the u pper left corner a couple times and after it snaps back drag it to desktop and it will show up as favicon.
    4) Often it will say favicon with a number after it up to 5.

    5) You must do two things to retain it--a) rename it b)drag it into a folder-- make one and call it Randy's Favicons or whatever. I often rename it with the url so I can remember where I got the favicon. The possibilities are endless. If you don't do this two-part step, the favicons which are always in your temporary internet files folder will disappear on reboot or next time you clean TIF. If you want to look for a favicon you might not have dragged out, you might find it in TIF before you cleaned/rebooted and can drag from there.
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    Lounge Threads and The Windows OS Icons

    Right click a shortcut> or a folder>Properties>Change Icon Button>(or Modify in case of some folders)>Browse>Change Icon Dialogue Box.
    1) You can use the small icons in the system 32 folder to troll. Stretch that folder to as large as you can . Behind many of them will be a cache of icons both those with the .dll extention and without it. You have to just try them all. For example, moricons.dll, pifmgr.dll, hiticons.dll, shell32.dll are examples. This is one track.
    2) [/i]Every other folder, especially installed program folders, even hidden folders are game, and yield icons.[/i] System folders usually won't yield icons. Never say never.
    3) Use the pulldown at the top the "Look In" slot, to navigate as if it were Windows Explorer, and go into every drive you have, and recently used folders will show up for quick access at the "file name" pull up at the bottom. Only so much room there; folders get bumped by newest.


    Finding the Numbers for Shell32.dll icons Lounge

    Editing Icons Thread Lounge

    Favorite Icons Lounge

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    Downloadable Icon Extraction Programs and Icon Makers

    Here are the names of Icon Extraction Programs . Some are linked. You can find the rest of the programs' sites by using Google.

    Active Icons
    Icon Viewer
    Folder Icon Changer
    Iconsucker 2
    Icon War
    Icon Art
    Icon Goodies



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