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    Posting e-mails to a public folder (OutlookXP)

    I have created an Outlook e-mail form for people to fill out. After they have completed the form and send it, how do I get the e-mails to appear in a public folder?

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    Re: Posting e-mails to a public folder (OutlookXP)

    See if our FAQ below helps. If not, at least it gives you an easy way to get the address of the folder. You an then modify your form to automatically send a copy to the folder.

    MS Outlook: Fact Sheet

    How To Send a Meeting Request or a Mail Item to a Public Folder

    Summary or Problem

    You are a member of a public folder or team folder. You want to send a copy of email or a meeting request to the folder at the same time as you send it to other people.

    More Information or Steps or Cause

    There are many ways to get information into a public/team folder. You can drag and drop a copy (from Outlook or Windows Explorer), use "Send To," or use Post/Post Reply within the folder. But these sometimes involve extra steps. Wouldn't it be nice to get the item into the folder in the same process as you use to originate it?


    The key step is to get the folder into your contact list. You can then include it in meeting invitations or email. Here's how to set this up.

    Open your Outlook folder list: View Menu, Folder List
    Scroll down to the Public Folders and expand them (click the + sign) through the path to your folder
    (ex: Public Folders/All Public Folders/Tacoma/My Team/Calendar)
    Right click on the folder you want and choose Properties from the menu.
    Click the Administration Tab then click the "Personal Address Book" button. Click OK when done.
    Your folder is now added to your contacts, along with its email address. You may want to change the name created in your contacts to something more meaningful than the folder name. To do so, switch to your contacts and locate the entry. Open it up and change the Full Name to your liking (My Team Calendar, for example).

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