I just battled a wierd problem and finally found a solution.

I had created a macro and had typed in some code. I wasn't able to run my macro because it reported some error message. Back at the macro editor, I saw that the first line of the routine read "IMP LOAD PRIVATE MODULE", which I hadn't typed in. I tried to remove this line, but Word would crash whenever i did. I tried deleting my new macro from the macro menu, and it seemed to work, but the macro was always there again if I exited Word and restarted. I also tried making the offending line into a comment, or creating a new macro with the same name, nothing worked.

Finally I succeeded in getting rid of this strange macro. I exported the module it was in "NewMacros". In Notepad, I could open the BAS file, and remove the text of my bad macro. Then back in Word, I was able to remove the module NewMacros, and import the BAS file again. The bad macro isn't there, but my other macros are.