This forum has been so helpful with Word gremlins at client sites that I thought I'd ask another question of all you experts.

Recently a client (45 end users) updated both XP Pro and Office XP with the latest service packs, as well as security updates. The client site is a law firm running Prolaw templates (that is another beast of burden all it's own). At any rate, over the past week a few secretaries will open their saved documents. If created with an 11pt Arial font all characters appear as squares. They can change the font to Arial 12pt or Times New Roman (10-12pt) just fine but Arial 11pt. (the default font) appears as squares. The template headers and footers contain an Engravers font. This font is not affected.

Is it possible that the update did something to the default font or Arial 11pt? I'm having someone on site reinstall Arial on the affected workstations.

Has anyone else experienced this odd behavior? If so, is there a workaround?

With sincere thanks,