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    Default Printing and Toolbars Settings (Access 2000)

    I am getting some even more odd activity in Access. I am distrbuting an MDE file to 3 machines, and each machine acts differently. Once machne will print a 1 page invoice on 1 page, and the toolbars will be hidden. The otehr 2 machines will print on 2 pages and main toolbars will not hide. In the creation of the mde, I have set the startup and security to have then toolbars not to show up. Yet, they show up on two machines. Furthmore, the Page Setup margins are 1", 1", .5", .5", in each Access Program, but still, 1 page invoices will print 2 pages on two machines. This problems seems very odd , but I can't seem to figure out why all 3 machines will not act the same way. They all have the same SR. Two machines is on XP, 1 is on Win 98. The one with XP functions properly.

    Any ideas or thoughts would be great.


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    Re: Default Printing and Toolbars Settings (Access 2000)

    As far as printing is concerned, it sounds like the 2 pcs which print 2 pages probably have different printer settings. This is a common situation if a printer is defined to be printed on a specific printer, and the PC running the app doesn't have that exact same printer. The toolbar issue can be more than likely be solved by setting the startup parameters to not allow standard menus, though I believe the print preview toolbar will still come up, as you want some basic functions to always be there. You may also want to resort to turning off unwanted toolbars in code, rather than using the startup options.

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