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    Normal.Dot Problem (Word 2003 Beta)

    A few weeks back I had a Normal.Dot problem wherein at various and numerous times, I was asked to save I never did quite solve that problem, but it was fairly benign and only caused a few additional and unneccesary keystrokes. Now I am getting a message that is already an add-in. I have tried to restore all defaults and even uninstalled and re-installed Word itself. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thank You!

    Bob Nichols

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    Re: Normal.Dot Problem (Word 2003 Beta)

    Hi Bob:
    I haven't looked at 2003 so there are probably options that I'm unaware of. However, I would start by rebooting & deleting any temp files. Then search for more than one There should only be one in your template folder & NOT in your startup folder. For a systematic way of checking this problem, see <post#=197827>post 197827</post#>.
    Hope this helps,

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