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    Can I control window resizing (2000)

    Is it possible to stop Access swapping between maximum and 'restore' window sizes? I think what happens is that each form takes the size setting of the previously opened form, so if the last form was maximised, the next one to be opened will also be maximised. This is very frustrating as I spend ages getting my forms to look just right then they go and open open at a different size.

    I have a user who wants to have severalforms open at once so that she can switch between parts of the application easily. This means that I can't open my forms in dialogue or pop-up mode as she would either only be able to use the last opened form or have certain forms that never go to the back.

    Is the answer to never open any forms maximised? Also, I'm not sure that the 'next form takes the size setting of the previous form' is quite correct, as at least one of my forms (the maximised main menu) seems to disappear every now and again because it has been minimised (a command that I have never knowingly coded). Maybe this is a bug? Are things any different in Access XP?


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    Re: Can I control window resizing (2000)

    Recommend take a look at following MSKB article:

    ACC2000: Maximizing One Form Maximizes All Forms

    Article notes:

    When you maximize a form, all other forms that are open are also maximized. You cannot maximize one form independent of the other open forms.

    Microsoft Access is a multiple document interface (MDI) application. The default behavior for an MDI document is for all child windows to be maximized when one is maximized. This behavior occurs in many applications. For example, if you maximize a document window in Microsoft Excel 2000, all other document windows will also be maximized.

    Article offers one possible "Resolution." What I normally do is, if form A (which opens restored) opens form B, and form B is opened maximized, and I don't want form A maximized when form B is closed and focus returns to form A, is to use following event procedure for form A's Activate event:

    Private Sub Form_Activate()
    End Sub

    With above, when form B closes, form A returns to restored state, even if form B was maximized. You may also want to look at using form's MinMaxButtons Property to control whether form can be minimized or maximized by user. Check VBA help for this property for more details.


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