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    Linked Objects (2000)

    How can I find where in a workbook a linked object is physically located? I see the linked object in the Edit/Links dialog box, but I don't know where it actually is. Any ideas?

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    Re: Linked Objects (2000)

    An additional comment to Jim's note:
    Named ranges are often a place where there are "hidden" links. If you copy/move sheets from 1 workbook to another, will have the names (which are WORKBOOK objects) moved and added added to your names in the NEW workbook. Many will get transferred as LINKED cells if they refer to a sheet that was NOT moved (these can be deleted if desired)


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    Re: Linked Objects (2000)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by Leif on 13-Mar-04 16:35. to update link to</P>You can search the sheets in your workbook for "[" and the link might show up.
    Excel encloses references to other workbooks in brackets [ ].

    Or you might try Bill Manville's Link Finder at:
    It is very popular and has thousands of downloads.

    Or you might try my "Locate Links" Excel add-in.
    It is slightly easier to use and one option provides a listing of links in the workbook.
    Each item listed has a hyperlink that takes you to that item.
    I've attached the one page Word.doc instructions for the Add-in.
    It is available for free upon direct request to jim.coneXXX@rcn.comXXX
    (remove xxx)

    Jim Cone
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