I am receiving the following error message on startup after a long hang following the Windows Desktop startup music yet a black screen: Error 0E :0197 :BFF8E64B . . .

I tried step by step confirmation, and it hangs after msmouse.vxd whether you say yes or no, have studied threads at the Nocrash site and have read that reinstalling msmouse.vxd does not help, that it is a plug and play problem with various solutions, all of which I tried to the extent possible without success.

Am able to boot into safe mode but the OS crashes while idle with the message "Explorer has caused an error in COMCTL32.DLL" I tried opening internet but received the message "Iexplore has caused an error in Shell32.dll" as well as Explorer causing a problem in Shell32.dll

A game was recently installed on the computer "Syberia" (sic?).

It seems a bad sign when an OS crashes from Safe Mode with no activity, this OS was fully reinstalled approximately 6 weeks ago.

Any suggestions?
Sat Kartar

Update: I used System Restore to go back before game was installed; however, Norton Antivirus Scanning Detection Engine and Autoprotect could not load despite multiple restarts and the virus definitions could not be updated, they were listed as "error - out of date" yet when Live Update was run it stated that everything including virus definitions were current.

So next I used a Restore point AFTER the game was installed and now everything is fine, no error messages, Norton Antivirus Defintions are current (09/18), no viruses detected after full system scan.

Not exactly comforting to have no idea what happened, or whether perhaps use of the game should be avoided.