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    I write everything in outline form
    A. Memos
    II. Letters
    3. Lists
    >. Everything!
    How do I switch back and forth from "Outline" format so that I can have paragraphs appear at outline levels like this:
    1. Item 1
    2. Item 2
    3. Item 3
    a)A paragraph in block form
    like this, without outline points.
    b)Another paragraph in block form
    without outline points.
    4. Item 4 reverts back to "Outline" form.
    a)outline point
    i) not in paragraph form
    ii) using outline points

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    Re: Outlining

    Hi jp:

    You can define a set of outline styles (heading styles) such as 1-4 or 5-8 to NOT have indentations. i.e. the paragraph styles are set so that they are all flush left. You can set these with or without a hanging indent. You will also have paragraph levels assigned. You do this through Style/Heading #/Modify/Format & then set paragraph, font, etc. formats.

    When you view these in Print (Page) Layout or Normal layout, they will be in block format. If you switch to outline view, they will appear indented.

    Hope this is what you're looking for.

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    Re: Outlining

    Can you use the "demote to body text" button when you want block text. Type stuff, enter, type stuff, enter. Then promote back into outline when you're ready for that?
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