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    Printing problem (A2002, SP2)

    I have just installed a new printer and when I went to run some reports, they wouldn't print; the printer gave an out of paper error, even though it was full. I tried printing from some other applications and everything printed fine. So I went into design mode for these reports and noticed that under Page setup|Page, the paper source was set to 'Auto Select'. When I changed this to Tray 1, the reports printed fine. The paper source in Word and Excel is set to 'Auto Select' and I don't have any printing problems there. Does anyone know what is going on?

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    Re: Printing problem (A2002, SP2)

    The most common problem which causes weird printing problems is when a report is designed to be printed on a specific printer rather than on the default printer, and then gets moved to another PC which doesn't have that same printer. (That behavior is set in the design mode of a report when you do File / Page Setup).

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