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    Deletion of a User Profile (XP Home)

    Can a person accidentally delete the administrator user profile? A friend left his internet connection open last Saturday (9/20/03) while he went out. He also had the remote access check box checked. When he came home, the computer worked OK. He has a video card problem (nVidia GForce 4?) that reboots the computer periodically (because of an IRQ conflict, he thinks). Well, that night the computer rebooted and when it came back on, it couldn't find the administrator user profile (a box opened that said it couldn't find the profile). He has lost all of his e-mail (Outlook Express) and his documents. We looked for the user profile in the explorer and it wasn't there. Can this happen accidentally?

    Some more background: There are two people that work at our ISP who are out to get my friend. Would they be able to get in to his computer and delete the user profile given that the internet connection was open and the remote access was enabled? There are other people associated with my friend that have also been having e-mail problems.

    I know this sounds paranoid, but it appears to be happening. Are we being paranoid?

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    Re: Deletion of a User Profile (XP Home)

    To get to the Administrator ACCOUNT on the "Home" version MUST boot to the safe mode.

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