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    Startup - MSCONFIG

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by acerfmayer on 22-Sep-03 17:58. And, is there a way to print out this list?)</P>Hi All -

    Is there a way to alphabetize the elements listed here?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Startup - MSCONFIG

    I don't know of any way that you can alphabetize the StartUp tab items on msconfig, but there are a number of work arounds that get at this and of course there are Start Up Managers that show up frequently in the lounge in XP or Software Finds--or you can google for Start Up Managers XP--I don't know a way to print them directly from msconfig's start-up tab but:

    1) Run Spybot Search and Destroy and in XP it will list all programs started in Windows startup with more info than msconfig gives you. They have a Print button. It also allows you to enable and disable items from Spybot, as well as delete or change them.
    2) If you go to the Services Tab you can alphabetize and many are listed.
    3) On Task Manager, many if not all are listed and you can alphabetize those by clicking on Image Name in the Processes tab.
    4) Third Party Free Startup Managers are available and many have been listed in the lounge and will be again.

    A couple words about msconfig--this is a carry-over from older versions of Windows, so it isn't the most sophisticated manager of these programs. There are better 3rd parties and some are free.
    The preferred method for viewing services in XP is the services snap-in in the MMC or Micorosft Management Console. Type "services.msc" in the run box to bring this up if you have XP Pro and the MMC.

    I recommend Black Viper's Windows XP Service Configurations and Note his caveat to "Do NOT use "msconfig" to disable services, type "services.msc" in the Run box instead! (WHY?)The reason is because with msconfig and Hardware Profiles, you can disable services that may be vital to boot your system. With the management console (services.msc) you cannot.

    The "Disable All" button also scares me. It should not even be there as no reason exists to disable "everything."

    Not "allowing" people to use msconfig reduces the flames and technical support questions in my inbox from people that fail to read the descriptions I offer with each service and the warnings I attach to them.
    " Disabling WINLOGON would be one of these in processes __________________________________________________ ____________________________

    I took this point from Ed Bott's Windows XP Inside Out Microsoft Press Article on MSCONFIG:

    Tracking down problems that automatically start isn't one neat crisp task and can be a "mini-Raders of the Lost Arc journey" because a program can be configured to start in:

    1) Statup Folder User: The %User Profile%StartMenuProgramsStartup folder contains shortcuts that startup when a user logs on.
    2) Start Up Folder Common: %AllUser Profile%StartMenuProgramsStartup folder contains shortcuts that startup when a user logs on.
    3) Run key in the registry's HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftCurrentVersionRun key.
    4) Run key User.
    5) Load Value
    6) Scheduled Task Folders
    7) Win.ini
    8) Group Policy

    Several other places I didn't bother to name.


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