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    Excel Data->Word (Office 2000)

    One of my clients is a medical transcription company with 20 clients (hospitals and clinics). Each of their client has a staff of 20 to several hundred people who dictate medical reports which my client then transcribes. We need a good way to look up the names of these dictators from within Word. I have been using the InsertAddress dialogue to do this, but it is too limiting and means I have to have the users import lists into Outlook every time I add a new dictator. All of the users have Word and Excel on their systems so I want to keep the data in an excel file (a sample is attached) and create a program that will do the following:

    1. Allow the user to choose which client's list they will look at and the program will remember the last one used as the default. The program will then use the corresponding XLS file to read the data in.
    2. The user will be able to sort the list by different criteria (First Name, Last Name, Specialty, ID Number--some of the fields in the XLS file.)
    3. The user will also be able to select from several formats to insert the name into their document, for example:
    Jeanie Baker MD
    Dr. Jeanie Baker

    I have 2 questions (well, really I have a LOT of questions, but most of them I need to figure out on my own):

    1. Will this work with Excel without too much trouble and
    2. Does any one know of any sample code with similar function? (I hate starting from scratch!)

    Any other comments are always appreciated.

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    Re: Excel Data->Word (Office 2000)

    Your data is essentially "flat" and therefore is a good candidate for Excel (as opposed to needing a relational databases).

    For examples of ways to interact with Excel files using either ADO or Automation, see this thread.

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