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    Attached file size changes? (OL2002 SP2)

    I've noticed something strange. When I attach files from Explorer in WinXP Pro SP1 to an Outlook message and send that message, when I look at the results in the Sent folder, each file has an additional 3k added to it. Why? I tried this today with a PDF and a DOC file attachment. In Explorer, the PDF file is 128k and the doc file is 29k. In the Sent folder, the files attached to the message are, PDF-131k, Doc-32k.

    I noticed this because I ran into a send size limit on the target I was sending to.

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    Re: Attached file size changes? (OL2002 SP2)

    I don't know the answer to your question, but you can expect the attachment to grow in size when it is sent if it is not plain text/html because 8-bit characters typically will need to be re-encoded as 7-bit characters for maximum compatibility.

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